I once travelled happily alone. Then the most beautiful thing happened and suddenly I was half of two; two became one. But before I could start to document our life together, his life was tragically gone. My darling Ems is now in the bright lights of Heaven and I remain. This is the story of my journey from here. Gratefully a journey that One whose ways are above all of ours takes with me. One day I'll reach those bright lights for myself but until I do, join me on my journey, keeping memories close.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Good Morning Wales!

Yes, it's Friday evening. The title of this post is not a greeting but the title of the radio show I'll be joining in the morning to discuss the 20th anniversary of the world wide web.

I was only asked earlier today and it's made me think a little about how different this journey could have been without the internet. Keeping friends up to date on how I'm doing, touching the lives of people I don't even know, the prospect of writing beyond the pages of my diaries - these words might otherwise have hidden in pages only I would see with noone any the wiser on this crazy situation.

After a few busy weeks culminating in very dark shadows under my eyes, I am very glad that this is a radio interview. I shall be on air at 7.45am GMT tomorrow (Saturday 6th). You can listen in here.