I once travelled happily alone. Then the most beautiful thing happened and suddenly I was half of two; two became one. But before I could start to document our life together, his life was tragically gone. My darling Ems is now in the bright lights of Heaven and I remain. This is the story of my journey from here. Gratefully a journey that One whose ways are above all of ours takes with me. One day I'll reach those bright lights for myself but until I do, join me on my journey, keeping memories close.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

A special request

Hi guys

This is a very special request...

Two of my best friends, who later became friends of Ems too (the above photo shows the 3 of them messing around climbing trees in the New Forest in January 2009), are running the Berlin Marathon this weekend. They're running it in memory of Ems and for the charity Mind.

Ems suffered from Seasonal Affective Disorder each autumn / winter for the last 6 years of his life and I watched him suffer with it courageously and selflessly. Many out there suffer from various mental health disorders and suffer not just from the horror of their condition but also from the ignorance of others regarding mental health - 'Mind UK campaigns to create a society that promotes and protects good mental health for all - a society where people with experience of mental distress are treated fairly, positively and with respect' (Mind website).

I would never ask for money for myself but should you want to give, whether in memory of Ems, or simply because MIND is an outstanding cause to support, the links to their sponsorship pages are below:

For the 1 in 4 people that will experience a mental health problem this year, in memory of my sweet lovely darling boy, and in great appreciation to Clive & Spandex (sorry Andrew, couldn't resist!),

Ruthie x

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